Is Duct Seal Permanent? A Professional's Guide

When a restricted or undersized duct system is sealed, the amount of airflow moved by a constant speed fan decreases. In many cases, leaks in the undersized duct system were the only thing that allowed the fan to move the minimum amount of airflow necessary for the limited operation of the equipment. Once these leaks were sealed, fan airflow fell below acceptable values due to the increase in total external static pressure.

If you suspect that your boiler isn't working properly or that some areas of your home don't have the same temperature as other rooms, you're likely to have some leaks in your ductwork system


Sealing leaks in air ducts is something you can do yourself using aluminum ducts or aluminum foil specifically designed for use in ducts. A more permanent option is to apply putty made to seal ducts. Leaks in the duct system can cause a loss of 20 to 30% of treated air and a higher energy bill. If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, you may need an energy audit performed by one of the most professional sealing companies, such as The Duct Kings of Dallas, to determine if there are leaks or gaps that may be there causing these problems.

Depending on the severity of the leak in the duct system, this static pressure increase could be substantial. We will perform a thorough inspection of your ducts and ventilation systems to detect any possible holes or gaps that may be causing your problems. Not only will the loss of air volume affect the efficiency of your system, but if the ducts are damaged or incorrectly installed, you could end up accumulating more mold and mildew in your home. Do it right away if you hear a whistle coming from the ducts, which indicates that there is a ventilation gap, or if your energy bills suddenly increase for no reason do you know.Duct sealing is an important aspect of proper duct design, but it must be done in a properly functioning duct system.

This is considered internal sealing of ducts using technology and is performed by a licensed professional. The expulsion of condensate from the evaporator coil is another problem that occurs when an undersized duct system is sealed and there is a variable speed fan. If that doesn't work, then the ductwork was wrong from the start: the metal doesn't shrink as much. However, if the ductwork is accessible and you like projects for homeowners, we recommend that you buy putty, clean the outside of the air ducts and apply putty.

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